Project Introduction
Christian Moore
Posted: 08 January 2007 02:26 PM  
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Open Source Multi-Touch Community Forums

As you can see the forums are up, please let me know what you think about the grouping and structure of the community. Keeping in mind it is purely for accelerating development of hardware and tracking techniques (computer vision). I am very flexable and would love feedback in-order to do it properly.

I hope the forums will help with development, allowing us to find the cheapest and most effective ways to construct our passions. Look forward to a blog ( which is currently under development and only works in FF, however we plan on posting full “How To” tutorials and resources there. For example detailed blue prints and materials list for several versions of interactive tables.

I am very excited for the community and hope it helps anyone trying to research multi-touch. This project is truly amazing, which attracts such a variety of people from around the globe. I must thank David Wallin for all his hard work on TouchLib , as well as the Tangent Team, Jeff Han and and all the other researchers for the inspiration.

For now the name of the project is Open Source Interface.
You can find us on IRC as well on #nuigroup on

Here is a short list of related projects, commercial or not.

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