NUI Group @ Touch Camp - Paris (1st meeting on March 21/22)
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the report is HERE

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TouchCamp :  “ European Multitouch Meetings “

on March, 21st and 22nd.  The 1’st TouchCamp meeting in France. The Multi-touch springtime. 

Multi-touch screens allow us to interact with digital content through touch, alone or simultaneously with others.

Key words: Multi-touch, Interactive, Tactile, Gestures, Content, Collaborative

Gesture based interaction with data and digital applications could well replace the keyboard and mouse. Indeed, direct manipulation of content on a screen – transparent interface – erases the physical barrier of keyboard and mouse. Our hands interact directly with the system. We are entering the era of the interactive gesture. 

The emergence of the multi-tactile interface and its rapid expansion has profoundly changed the established interaction standards. Beyond the tool, the material interface is in the industrial phase and the fabrication techniques (DIY) are widely available and affordable, the challenge resides in the implementation of dedicated content; the conception of applications that will reveal the true potential of this technology. Bringing the depths to the surface.

The TUI (Touch User Interaction), often enthusiastically called Natural User Interface, clears a new path. An intuitive, touch based interaction with the computer: a collaborative, multi-user interaction around a table, a floor, a multi-touch wall. A new paradigm is at the tip of our fingers. 

We are proposing this Touch Camp to present and evaluate existing applications, software solutions, programming environments and the various multitouch frameworks available.

We hope this Touch Camp will be a fruitful meeting of the makers and shakers in TUI interaction for the elaboration of collaborative multitouch content.

Following this TouchCamp, two FTIR multitouch tables will be available in Paris with free access for application conception and development: one at the Cantine, another one at the CRAS, a human machine interface lab at the Main d’Oeuvres cultural centre.

To keep in “touch” further workshops will be held in 2009 in France and Europe.[/img]


How many touches can you simultaneously perform ? 
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