NUI Group Community FAQ - Announcement
Christian Moore
Posted: 08 July 2009 10:43 PM  
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<div class="post_item">Fellow NUI Group Members,

We have just finished up working on the community FAQs page which have been long overdue and aims to clarify several key issues our community faces:

<li>A call to action for defining the “natural user interface” term.</li>
<li>Introduction to community and foundation with future goals and roles.</li>
<li>Legal challenges such as protecting member’s rights and IP.</li>
<li>Donations information and getting involved as a member.</li>
<li>How to participate in the community and the areas we need help.</li>
<li>Existing and future community project outlines.</li></ul>
<div class="post_item">Please post your feed back on the NUI Group Community FAQ - Discussion Thread</div>