Google Summer of Code - Proposal Submitting Steps and Tips!
Christian Moore
Posted: 31 March 2010 10:07 PM  
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I had a chat with a student who is proposing and wanted to get from a student viewpoint what the steps are for submitting your proposal for GSoC 2010. (Thanks Amit for insight).

Here are the steps and some tips on getting started:

1) Think of a good idea – For reference see
2) Do some research yourself based on the idea, write up a proposal draft
3) Post it up on the forum @
4) Write up full proposal (4-10 pages with graphics and resume)
5) Submit it to google by the following process (see steps below)

i.  Login to
ii.  Click on the “Register as a Student link” on the left menu
iii.  Fill up all the information (You will be able to change this in future)
iv.  After filling up, you are registered as a student
v.  Now click on the “Submit your Student Proposal” Link on the left menu
vi.  A Page will appear on which all the accepted organizations will be listed. Now click on The organization you want to apply in (e.g. NUI Group in this case)
vii.  A direct method will be using the following link**your_link_id**?organization=nuigroup
viii.  You can put the full proposal in the rich text editor there. Also the full proposal link/ any external link can be provided in the “Additional Info” textbox.
ix.  Now your proposal is submitted. You can now see the proposal and subscribe to updates (Link will be on the top of the proposal view page).
x.  As per the rule you can submit up to 20 proposals.