Using the configapp.exe from the bins
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After some extensive testing and help from a few guys on the irc, i came up with the following calibration sequence:

1. Choose the setup wisely: how to point your camera to the ftir and how to setup your projector. I set up my projector so that everything is readable on the screen, nothing upside down, nothing mirrored. My cam however is upside down, otherwise the body of it would be insde the beam of the projector.
2. in the folder where your touchlib bins are, throw away the config.xml, a new one will be created. I did this to start of with a clean setup.
3. run the configapp.exe
4. choose you webcamsettings. I’m using my old creative webcam 3, modified to only get IR light in
5. a dos window and six video windows will show up: configure in sequence. First Threshold, then brightness and contrast, lastly level.
threshold = more blobs get through when threshold is low and vice versa
brightness and contrast = play around with it, you’ll see what’s happening -> go for a clear black and white look, no grays
level = more blobs get through when level is low and vice versa
When you are happy go to the next step.

6. Press “enter”. You will now see two grids, one with green crosses, one with red crosses. Don’t mind the red ones, but take notice of where they are. The green ones will turn red in a moment, and it’s hard to find them between the red ones, once you started calibrating.
7. Press “c”. This will start the calibrating process. One green cross will have turned red. It’s in one of the corners, find it!
8. Touch the screen on the red cross ( the green one that just turned red after pressing “c” ) A box, confirming your press will show up, also the coordinates of that box will be shown in the dos window.
9. after you are satisfied that where you pressed is the same as the box (box actually under your finger) , lift your finger.
10. Press “Space”. The next green cross on the grid will turn red.
11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 until you had all the crosses
12. When you have reached and touched the last cross and pressed “Space” for the last time, the dos window will say “calibration done”
13. Press “escape”. The new config.xml file will be stored in the correct location.

After this is done, I ran the configapp.exe for a second time, with the new xml. Just to make sure the calibration was correct. And it was. But i think it’s not a bad idea to run it twice, just to be sure.

After this, run the smoke.exe........ you’ll love it

I hope this helps a lot of you and I hope that WhiteNoiz is ok with me posting this little help.

Keep it going guys

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I must agree the calibration part got me a little confused the first time (maybe it’s just me wink ), so thanks for clearing this up for all other users in case they got confused as well

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Hi everybody

I have a problem config my touchlib.
The first time I ran configapp.exe a window asked to me, witch source capture I prefer? I jus choose one (and I think did not choose good).
And now everytime I run configapp I found a diferente window, tittle Propiedades de propertysheet (properties of properties sheet) with some parameters like:
Video standar: NTSC_M (I can`t change this propertie)
color and compresion:UYVY, YUY2 (and not happen RGB)
output size: 240x180,.....720x480

I try all the options and ever capture windows is in black.
My question is, How can I get the config window in the begining to choose other option?
I’m using windows XP SP2

Thanks a lot.

p.s: I answer myself -> Just delete config.xml and all is working now tongue laugh


Hola a todos
Tengo un problema configurando mi Touchlib.
La primera vez que ejecute configapp.exe una ventana me pregunto. que fuente de captura prefería? Elegi una(y creo que no fue la buena).
Y ahora cada vez que ejecuto configapp.exe encuentro una ventana diferente, con el titulo “Propiedades de property sheet) con algunos parametros para con figurar como:
Video standar: NTSC_M (I can`t change this propertie)
color and compresion:UYVY, YUY2 (and not happen RGB)
output size: 240x180,.....720x480

he probado todas las opciones y mi pantalla de captura siempre sale negra.
Mi pregunta es ¿como hacer para que aprezca de nuevo la pantalla de configuracion del principio?
Estoy unasndo windows XP SP2

Muchas gracias.

p.s: me rspondo yo mismo -> Solo borrar config.xml y todo funciona de nuevo. tongue laugh

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Is there no longer a background remover with hitting the “B” key. how do I put that with the new 2.0