textile Interface XYi
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a bit off topic but quite interesting multitouch project.
I found this :


From the website :


textile Interface XYi
The textile Interface “XYi” is a large tactile interface for playing electronic music. The performer plays it simply by moving his / her hand onto it. The hand’s contact position is transmitted to a computer via a 12 bytes resolution Midi card. This allows a resolution of 4000 by 4000. Two conductive fabrics are attached on a frame, each one weaved with conductive threads in a different direction. When the performer presses any point of this textile instrument, the two fabrics get connected and the current eletrical value is sent to the computer. It’s simply based on a voltage divider resistive principle! I developed this project at the National Scool of Industrial Creation (ENSCI) Paris, France, for my diploma in december 2005. Since then I got specialized in the creation of innovating electronic textiles and I continued to develop this musical textile.

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Thanks for the post. That is interesting. =)


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Neat !
Looks like something that is easily scalable to large surfaces too.

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As far as I can see it is not multitouch. Interesting none the less.

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WOW..... It looks so cool. But it must be not suitable for these textile testing machines, like martindale abrasion tester.