Windows 7 multitouch capabilities with HTML5/CSS3 and a mobile framework
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I found the HID Driver and it seems what I want to have.
On the website, there is a line “With the release of .NET 4 Framework WPF part of MultiTouchVista is not developed any more. Use WPF with Windows 7 driver.”
What does this mean?

My main problem. I want to develop a multi-touch application which works on iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices like Android and BlackBerry and it should also be usable on a normal PC with mouse / keyboard (then of course without 2-finger gestures). And it should be used on a commercial multi-touch display, like Evoluce ONE.

I found frameworks like phonegap ( and Sencha Touch ( With them I can create websites based on HTML5/CSS3 and the possibility to access the multi-toch of these devices. In a normal webbrowser these applications are also usable with a mouse, so I can do for example drag’n’drop (webkit based browsers like Safari, Chrome).

But now I do not know the behaviour of Windows 7 multi-touch displays. Of course I can do drag’n’drop, taps, double taps in a webbrowser. But it is also possible to do gestures like zooming with two fingers in a Safari webbrowser a image to a bigger size?

Does anyone know or can test it on a Windows 7 multi-touch device?
An example app is here: (but only usable with Safari or Google Chrome (and perhaps a FireFox 4 beta version)).
Is it possible to get a “pinch” under “Events” by using two fingers on a Windows 7 multi-touch screen? With an iPad it is possible…

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