GStreamer Audio Sync Issues
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Hi All,

I’m using the Core.Video class with the gstreamer that came with pymt 0.5.1 and seeing a lot of audio sync issues.  I’ve tried, mov, mpg, flv, and mp4 file formats.  All seem to experience a audio sync problem at some point during video playback.  The delay can sometimes be 4-5 seconds behind the video.  The video is being rendered in a MTScatter widget, but that doesn’t seem to add any overhead.  CPU still has plenty of cycles left, so I doubt its a starvation problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, what was your solution? 

Many thanks!

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Can you describe your hardware more precisely ? (OS, CPU...)
Anyway, you can activate debug of gstreamer to check if something goes wrong.

GST_DEBUG=*:4 python

And you should have some information… maybe you’ll found what’s going on.


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