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Hi guys

So I bought a bunch of those leds but I’m trying to figure out how to best use them.

Here is the pdf with the specifications

The specifications say in Forward current:

If =100mA
tp =20ms
1.5V (<1.8V)


If =1A
tp =100μs
2.4V (<3V)

I figured out that Tp is the duration of a pulse, I’m presuming it’s the minimum duration of pulse at that voltage to get a result. Am I wrong?

Does that mean if I connect the leds to 2.4V for a day long those will work???
Will the LEDs burn after a few hours at 2.4V???
What does the (<3V) means???

BTW I connected a led to two 1.5V batteries in serial and it worked fine… it didn’t burn.

Any help is appreciated… I’m a total noob in electronics.