Savannah College of Art and Design - Multi-Input Game Table
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The Savannah College of Art and Design selected 6 students from the Atlanta and Savannah campuses to be sent for 2.5 weeks to the new Hong Kong campus to build a large-scale, multi-point input interactive table as well as an accompanying game. Throughout the project I worked on design and construction of the table’s projection and sensor systems, handled both physical (game controller) and software interface design, and designed the visual and audio feedback systems for the game. I also spent some cycles working with the game design team after playtests, helping to find and solve issues. Throughout the project we utilized a slightly modified version of SCRUM for project management, optimized for the short timespan of the project.  We’re currently building an identical version of the table in Atlanta and are currently working on two projects, a game and an interactive exploration of SCAD’s curriculum for use on tours and demo days. 

We utilized a NEC NP510WS Short throw projector shooting off a mirror onto a layer of vellum paper sandwiched between 2 layers of acrylic.  The playable area of the table is about 3’ x 5’.  The input devices are 4-LED infrared arrays.  We used CCV for detection and sent the data into flash, using TUIO and the TuioAs3Library

This video is representative of an alpha stage build of the game. There is still a level of gameplay and visual polish to be accomplished as of upload.

Students in the SCAD - Atlanta Interactive Design and Game development department are also working with a variety of new interface technologies including Microsoft Kinect, and traditional multi-touch monitors. Some of our early work was featured recently by out local fox affiliate (

In addition to myself, the team included:
Bianca Gee - Art (Junior ANIM)
Erin Hanlon - Art (Junior ITGM)
Charles Trippe - Programming (Senior VSFX)
Jonathan Justice - Game Design (Senior ITGM)
Yuki Yamada - Art (Senior MOME)

I can be found as @RandomOutput on Twitter.

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Wow man this is looking really beautiful, congrats to you and your team on this… for an alpha it looks insanely creative both artistically and gameplay wise. Also Audio and 3D effects really give it a unique experience, please keep us updated on your progress and would love an overview of the software’s design process AKA does it use Papervision, Animations creation etc…