3DVIA now supports multitouch! 
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3dVIA is a free powerful 3d designing software, and their new product, 3DVIA Shape 4.0, supports multitouch gestures and allow users to design 3d shapes using their multitouch devices.

here’s the software description:

3DVIA Shape 4.0, the latest release of our free 3D modeling software, is now available for download. This new version makes it easy to create anything you can imagine with just the touch of your finger.

With the addition of finger modeling via multi-touch display, anaglyph 3D picture exporting, work offline mode, show axis and some other key feature updates, this release falls into the categories of extremely useful and very cool.

Here are the key 3DVIA Shape 4.0 enhancements:
Work Offline: Model offline, saving your models as drafts and publishing them when you wish.
Increased File Size Limit: From 11MB to 25MB.
Show Axis: Easily use 3DVIA Shape models in 3DVIA Studio by knowing where the pivot is.
Multi-Touch: Use your fingers to model with compatible screens or tablet PCs (Windows 7 only).
Anaglyph Mode: View and experience your model in true 3D with red/blue glasses.
Take Screenshots: From your workspace, take screenshots of models in normal or anaglyph mode.

With the addition of these enhancements and your continued feedback we hope to provide current and future 3DVIA Shape users, as well as our community with easy, fun and free tools to create 3D art.
you can learn more and download the software at this link


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