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I just thought I’d throw this out here, since I cannot try it myself due to higher costs (projectors are damn expensive).

Basically, one could use 2 projectors, with polarizing filters (so one has to use matching glasses), and achieve a 3D effect by rendering a scene with 2 different angles, one on each projector.
This is nothing new or special anymore today, but the projector-using setup in many of our multitouch tables makes this relatively simple.
The down side of course: projectors are quite costly. (I have yet to calculate the exact sum for my setup, but it does look like the projector alone makes up over 50% of it all)

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Be advised that the light needs to keep it’s polarization when hitting the screen. For front projection you can use a silver screen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_screen). I dunno what you need in case of rear projection.



Our touchscreen in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlWFtF06RFo

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Roscoe grey works for this.  If your screen is FTIR then you can use Roscoe grey for your screen material and produce a duo (or more) projector 3d screen.

However, many projectors have the facility to produce a 3d effect without the need of a second projector.  This is important to keep in mind as the cost of two nice projectors is rarely less then one decent one.

At Boston University, where I work, we have a 10 foot 3d video wall using polarization filters on our matched projectors.  This is nice, but introduces a pile of calibration problems.


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