Intergrating Emotiv Brain Computer Interface for a brain friendly website. 
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Name: Deon Robinson
Location/Timezone: Hampton, Virginia EST
Website: go by Radzell online)
Age: 19

Education/Qualifications:  Student at Rensselear Polytechnic Institutes, profiencent in different technologies in languages including c/c++,java,python,php,c#,wp7,android,google app engine, and more.

Academic and Industry Background: Owner of,Intern For Nasa Larss, Rpi Open Source Society,
Open source development experience: Rpi Open Source Society, helped with Andengine a gaming engine for android, worked with various in smaller rolls like blender
Development Methodologies: Started of self taugh, but learning more strutured programs in school. I have programmed for many different companies as a freelance developer. Usually I learned most languages and program in general by doing projects and learning through the completion of the project. I can program using MVC and various different programming style through working with a lot of different people.

Project Plan:I plan to use emotiv brain computer interface to research the best way to make a website that work well with your mind. Just like interface needed to be redesigned for tablets and phone i want to find the best way of designing a interface that work seamlessly with a brain computer interface.

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Interesting project Deon!

I first saw the Emotiv interface on a TEDtalk ( ) but unfortunately they don’t seem to sell it outside the US.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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I like where this is going smile looking forward to reading this proposal.



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Nice, this is a very interesting project indeed smile . A easy access website for the disabled maybe ? . Good luck with the project