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I’ve been following these forums for sometime now and am very interested in setting up a very durable table for use on construction sites.  I’ve been looking at robbeofficial’s KinectTouch as a good solution but have no experience in programming.

Can someone walk me through how to make this run on a Windows Vista machine?


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Hi ,

for your information, I updated kinectTouch with new features (4points calibration, configuration saving)

compiled for win32, tested on my pc (winXP)

needs openni driver installation


test and enjoy !


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I have dowload the program there :

If I understand well, the program is able to turn any surface in a giant touchpad.

It run on my computer, but I didn’t understand how it works.

I can see the 3 windows : one with code, one with picture, and one with cursors.

Could anyone explain me *exactly* what I must do ?

My final objective is to have something like that : (but running on win7, this one is on linux)

I really hope someone could help me, because I’m not able to code… If anyone knows a program able to do this, it will be great.