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Hi to all, I’ve built a 3D touchless tracker usign our proprietary ultrasound technology (see
Our hw can manage till 10 inputs and the actual version of the tracker sw implements the tuio protocol for 2D cursor profile only.
I tried to drive the CommunityWWJ client by our tracker and it works but only is reactive to the first input only.
I send tuio mex bundled like stated in tuio protocol 1.1 doc, ie:

/tuio/2Dcur alive s_id0 s_id1
/tuio/2Dcur set s_id0 x_pos0 y_pos0 x_vel0 y_vel0 m_accel0
/tuio/2Dcur set s_id1 x_pos1 y_pos1 x_vel1 y_vel1 m_accel1
/tuio/2Dcur fseq f_id

Could anyone tell me if the above tuio sequence is correct?

Thank you for all.