Kivy 1.0.7 out ! - Framework for creating NUI applications
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Hi everyone,

We never really did communication on Kivy until now. So here we are !
We are really pleased to introduce Kivy project, a Python framework for creating NUI applications.

Here is a couple of points you should know. Kivy have:

<li>a support Android, Linux, MacOSX, Windows platforms (iOS in dev, HTML5 in mind)</li>
<li>a native and unified inputs management for every platforms, TUIO and Wacom</li>
<li>a builtin mouse simulator for doing multitouch without devices</li>
<li>a graphics engine GPU accelerated and criticals part are written in Cython</li>
<li>its own language for expressing how a widget must be constructed and styled (like CSS for HTML, or QML, and you can add interaction into it.)</li>
<li>more than 20 widgets multitouch ready</li>
<li>a way for packaging application for Windows (.exe), MacOSX (.app/.dmg), Android (.apk)</li>
<li>one code for every platform</li>
<li>examples that features Kinect, Shaders...</li>
<li>and much more, checkout the website !</li>

For those who know about PyMT, Kivy is the “next” PyMT. We mainly rewrote from scratch Graphics engine and Widgets to be able to run on Mobile device by using modern OpenGL ES 2. We have less CPU consumption and more performances too. We also remove all deprecated functions, standardized the naming and some classes in order to have a consistent API. We wanted to make it robust and clean, and avoid bad things we did in PyMT.
We also make a little application named PreseMT for demonstrate Kivy framework. It’s a software for creating presentation, by putting text or images on an infinite plane, and navigate with touch into it (or with views.)

Kivy is mainly developed by Mathieu, Christopher and Thomas, the same team as PyMT and Movid.


Source code:
Kivy apps on Android market:


Kivy early demo running on Motorola Xoom Android tablet

Planet White is a project done by Theo Reichel. Source code is available at


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