Pytm and Flash
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Hi, i’m new to this language, before i decided to use Python in my Multitouch project, i wanna ask about it interface design. In flash we can do our interface very straight away ( we can draw and put them in the position we want by mouse), but how all of this design can be done in python?

let said now i need to put a triangle as a button ( or draw it in python just like we did in flash?), and put it under a photo ( in flash we jz ned to import the photo, n drag the button under it) this all thing can be done in pyMT?
i really appreciate if anyone can show me some tutorial about designing interface in phMT...Thanks alot.

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Well make sure you look at Kivy before considering using PyMT as it has superseded it. As for tutorials it is best to see the provided examples and there is a simple button code on project page: