Atlasgloves code seems a nice start for FTIR sofware
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Thanks to KEGGERS, who made a post in “general discusions”, i got directed to  These guys use lit ping-pong balls to be detected.  These are tracked in Processing itself due to the java.awt.Robot library, already in the processing libraries.  I thought i could make this happen with IR fingered blobs as well.  And guess what, it does. 
The app steers the mouse and some small gesturing library is written in the sketch as well for zooming, panning and rotating, even tilting.  This app was especialy written to control google earth.  Read the website, forums on their website for trouble shooting!
It works quiet well!

Be sure to download the developpers pack, not the application, some files are missing there.  Also you have to correct a small mistake (framerate instead of frameRate).

Have fun with it!
Here some FLV video from their site

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cool sid, too bad i’m busy busy getting into shape with actionscript3 and tons of other things, will look into it later

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Glad you found that app. As processing/java is just not my thing I was really hoping someone who knew it would catch on. Please keep me updated as to how it works out for you.

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you should check build18er’s work in the processing/java section. It works pretty well with the nasa world wind viewer.

I’m trying to get a nintendo wii controller to work in conjuction with the multi touch table now, but programming in processing is not to bad.

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