AutomotiveUI 2011 - Workshop “AutoNUI ­ Automotive Natural User Interfaces”
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| WORKSHOP “AutoNUI - Automotive Natural User Intefaces”
| Salzburg, Austria - November 30, 2011
| Colocated with AutomotiveUI 2011 (AutomotiveUI 2011)
| Workshop website:
| Submission deadline (position papers): October 24, 2011 (extended!)

Natural user interfaces by means of gesture and speech interaction have become an important topic in research as well as already for products. Most use cases currently center around consumer electronics like, e.g., smart phones, TV sets, or gaming consoles.

Motivated by the latest results in these areas, our vision is to apply natural user interfaces like gesture and speech interaction to the automotive domain as well. This integration might reduce driver distraction in certain cases and allow designing new experiences for operating infotainment and entertainment systems.
The goal of this workshop is to explore the design space of natural multi-modal automotive user interfaces in order to analyze where and how new interaction techniques can be integrated into the car. We would like to bring together practitioners and researchers to identify and discuss challenges and possibilities of automotive natural user interfaces. This also includes user experience aspects in research and development of automotive interaction design.

Workshop Topics
Topics of interest of this workshop include but are not limited to:
• Usage of natural user interfaces in the car
• Visions of future natural user interfaces in the car
• Design tools and methods for natural and multimodal interaction in the car
• NUIs for the driver, the co-driver, and the backseat area
• Using NUIs for interconnection to the outside world
• Understanding how NUIs impact the driving experience
• Approaches for transitioning to NUIs in the car
• Experience and discussion of potential difficulties of integrating NUIs into the car
• Relevance of traditional UX factors for gesture and speech in the automotive context
• Researching how UX factors might be the driver to integrate new user interfaces into the car
• Automotive user interface frameworks and toolkits that support multimodality and NUIs
• New concepts for in-car user interfaces increasing UX
• NUIs for Multimedia, in-car entertainment, and in-car gaming

The workshop aims to bring together researchers, students, and practitioners, who are interested specifically in the automotive context. In particular, we hope for participants with different backgrounds and perspectives, e.g.,automotive user interface (UI) designers, experience designers and engineers from a scientific as well as from an industrial perspective. The number of participants will be limited. Participants will be selected based on their submission through a review process conducted by the organizers as well as selected researchers working in this domain. The registration for the main conference is mandatory to participate in this workshop. Despite the conference fee, participating in this workshop will not involve addional costs.

Interested workshop participants are requested to submit either a position paper (1 or 2 pages) or a paper reporting novel concepts, (first) prototypes, studies, application, or interaction concepts (up to 4 pages). The submission can be done using our submission system:  The paper should contain a description of the area of research, specific work (empirical or theoretical) on the workshop topic, and the innovative character of the research.
All submissions should be prepared according to the standard SIGCHI Conference Publications Format. Each paper will receive at least two reviews. All accepted papers will be made available online.

Submission deadline: October 24, 2011 (extended!)
Notification of acceptance: November 7, 2011
Camera-ready paper due: November 14, 2011
Registration deadline: tba
Early registration deadline (conference): October 30, 2011
Workshop: November 30, 2011

Bastian Pfleging, VIS, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Tanja Döring, Paluno, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Martin Knobel, Workgroups Media Informatics and Human-Machine-Interaction, University of Munich, Germany
Albrecht Schmidt, VIS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

More details and the latest news can be found at the workshop website:

If you have any further questions, you may also contact the organizers by email: .

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Due to multiple requests we are extending the submission deadline to Monday, October 24, 2011!