Backlight on a TV… HELP
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Hi guys,

I started my table project with 4 ps3 eye cameras and also an LG 42LK450. Disassembly went very well even though it was my first TV disassembly. A problem occurred when I was placing the backlight on the bottom of the table frame and accidentally broke one of the cold cathode tubes… it is 4mm wide and 945mm long. Does anybody know anywhere where I could purchase one, because i ordered one from and my pay pal has been pending for 5 days now and I have had no success with e-mailing them. Another alternative is how to stop the screen from flickering due to the lack of one of the tubes. It turns on for 2-3 seconds and then turns back off. I would imagine it would have to do with the resistance provided by the tubes? Anyone had any success or attempted anything like that?



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You could try removing all the cathode tubes and making a custom back light out of white LED strips. I haven’t tried this but I’m pretty sure there are others on the forum that have successfully done this.



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well, there is way to stop the flickering because the circuit will not work until you connect all 4 tubes. the best way is purchasing new one, you can find tubes locally but i’m not sure for large TVs.
i had the same problem with my 19” monitor and finally i found Neon tubes circuit separately.


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