Framerate drops with fullscreen apps
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Hoping someone else has run into this before and can make a suggestion! I’m having a problem running any touch applications in fullscreen without the CCV framerate dropping massively.

If I’m not running anything else other than CCV I get around 40-50fps, which is great, and that stays the same with small windowed applications (such as the paint example from the flash demos) but when I open something fullscreen (such as the flash ‘fire’ example) the framerate drops to around 8-10fps.

I tried creating a quick test in PyMT to see if that was better, but it’s exactly the same - framerate drops with any fullscreen app!

My setup:
CCV 1.5
Windows 7 64 bit
6 Activated PS3-Eye cameras

I thought I may be running low on CPU/memory with the fullscreen apps but looking at the process manager only a small fraction of each are being used.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I’m working with MT4j and my framerate doesn’t drop down like you say (well, it does XD, but because my program uses a lot processing), but with 6 cameras is very possible, i guess that the problem isn’t memory, is in apply all the filters to all the cameras, you should try a driver that let you put together the cams (like the cl studio of code laboratories) and then give the processed image to the ccv like one, two, maybe 3 cameras and see how they behave