Mobile assisted user interface for PC navigation and gaming
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Keyboard and mouse are of great use in day to day computer related work,but when it comes to gaming they are not so handy. So we look at options like XBOX 360, Nintendo wii, PS3, etc. Although these things are fancy, they are not quite affordable. These gaming console consists of limited set of keys which are binded to specific actions, motion sensor so we do not physically need to press the arrow key, just we need to tilt the controller. Many of them are wireless.
Almost all mobile consists of bluetooth so they allow us for wireless connectivity, they also consist of sensors like accelerometer/gyroscope which accounts for motion sensor. Mobile also consists of limited set of keys which can be binded to specific action. So we are able to use mobile itself as game pad.
The use of such application is not restricted to gaming only we can use it for navigation of windows also. Example if we send active co-ordinates of our touchscreen to PC. We can use our touchscreen as Computers Touchpad.  Computer should know what mobile is sending and what actions to perform for this a powerful configuration system is required.

Platform planning to target: Android

Are their any place for such project in GSoC this year??
please give your suggestions.