Large Scale Multi-Touch for gamers (PAX East 2012)
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As some of you know, I’ve been hard at work creating a company to surround my hobby turned passion—Multi-Touch.  A few years back I incorporated Mesa Mundi Inc. to fund and house my projects for MT and now we’re demo’ing at conventions fairly regularly.  In previous years, I’d always been attached to my business partner Geek Chic.  This year, we started off on our own with our own booth at PAX East 2012 in Boston (my own backyard!).

I’ve posted slide show of our tables from our booth.  The tables range in price from 2,500 USD to 9,500 USD.  and are 40-inch thru 60-inch as stock sizes.  Some of these are items which I’ll feature in more depth individually soon, such as the new Locus coffee table with actuated table top!

The photo/video stream can be viewed at

I have many of you here to thank for getting me where I am today.  I’m still not free of the “day” job, but this is certainly the right direction!

Thanks everyone—for making this one of my favorite places on the web.


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Hey there Grimmy.

Some of the older guys here on the forum have come quite a long way. Its always to see guys like you become successful and taking what we do here to another level. Being in japan I am not able to visit many of these events however TouchMi is always there in spirit cheering you guys along.. Good luck and as always awesome work. We look forward to seeing more greatness from you.


BTW we have always loved your wood working. Has a very awesome blend of natural and techy....


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