Bubble Defender
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Hi all!

We made a few games for our new multi-touch gaming table, but don’t know how well they’ll work on everybody’s tables.

We’ve got Bubble Defender available for anybody to download.  You’ll need these requirements:

* Windows XP or higher
* A 3D video card
* A TUIO enabled device
* Preferably a widescreen monitor (1920x1080 is best)
* 4 Players (although you can test it with 1)

The game is self contained in a zip (no installation necessary).  After it starts, hit [F11] or [Alt]+[Enter] to go into fullscreen (we’ll add a button soon).

It’s a really rough game and it has some known issues.  For example, if your screen isn’t wide-screen then the game slightly distorts (all of our other games are already fixed).

Let me know of any issues you find.  I’ll post updates to this thread as newer versions are created.