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Im new to MT and to the community so bare with me if my questions have been raised before. Im a designer with a bit of dev background.

Heres a project that Im trying to tackle. If someone can provide me some guidance it will be amazing.

-I want to create a simple MT 3D mapping solution (possibly using Google Earth, Nasa World Wind)
-I have about 50 “locations” I want to highlight in the map. It will be placed all over the world. As the map is zoomed out, there should be flags or pointers highlighting the location so the user can zoom in and find these location quickly.
-Im not too concerned about all the other places in the world, like streets etc.
-Within the map interface, there will be two fixed columns in the left and right
-one column will contain a list of all 50 locations. Once the user selects whichever location, the map should rotate and find the location (very important).
-second column, as the user selects the flags in the particular location, more data (content, photo, video) should be revealed in the 2nd column

I need to figure out which is best 3D mapping solution to tackle this, how to plot the locations and the location sorting functionality?

It doesn’t seem to complicated but I want to see if anyone has tackled a similar project like this. I would love here your thoughts.

Thank you!

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Depends on the quality of work you want to do.

Google Earth has some okay MT emulation, it treats zooming as using the mouse scroll wheel so zooming isn’t as smooth, you can use the COM interface and connect to it, on the plus side you can leverage google utilities and tools.

Nasa world wind is completely open, and its quite good sadly the .net version or java version support MT, you can get the source from nui code for the Java version i wrote in conjunction icube, there is also a .net version floating around you can take a look at.

then there is Microsoft Virtual Earth.
I’d say this is my favorite best MT support, easy development using C#.


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@Taha, thanks.

Im assuming this is the java WW project you had worked on correct? http://nuicode.com/projects/earth