Problems with CCV 1.5
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Hey, this is my first time to use CCV, and I have following two problems
The first one is that my fps is extremely low when it is run on my laptop.(I am using cl-eye camera, and the frame per second rate is 90 is the xml setting file). I guess it is probably because my laptop is too slow… but still… I’d like to know why just 30 (it seems too slow)
The second question is more serious, I recently bought a customely made computer, with windows 7 system. and The CCV is unable to detect cameras on it, even though the cl-eye camera’s driver can do so just fine.I searched on the forum, and found that ppl have such problem get over it by changing the permission of the folder. However, the CCV 1.5 still doesn’t pick up cameras despite running as the administrator.
Please, one of the smart people in this community, enlighten me and satisfy my curiosity. It would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

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As you assumed, your computer is too slow to run the camera at a higher fps.  Make sure to put CCV into mini mode by hitting the spacebar and that should hopefully increase your fps.

We have heard of this issue with CCV 1.5 not showing the cameras but have not been able to test to resolve it.  We are not one of the ones who developed the CCV software so you will need to continue to ask around here on the forums or perhaps a thread already has the answer.  You should also try over on the Code Laboratories forum for help (they were the ones who released the PS Eye driver).


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