No Inertia with C++ Tuio 1.4. Please Help!! 
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Hello everyone

I managed to make tuio work with C++ Builder on windows 7 by using the component “MultiT” for delphi created by “IchEben” here in this community:

The component worked fine i created photo applications i managed to rotate/scale/move and even inertia.

But the component has some issues. It seems that you can’t have a 2dcur and 2dobj at the same time. I had 5 touch points placed on the simulator and then when i put a fiducial it removed the other 5 touch points from the application but they are still present on the simulator.

So i turned for using the Tuio c++ 1.4 it self, all i did was just changing the reading of the touch points from the MultiT to Tuio C++ 1.4.

Now a lot of weard stuff is happening and i don’t know why for example:

1- I have a button with this event handler.

void __fastcall TTuioForm::ExitClick(TObject *Sender)
Fill->Color = claRed; //this line is executed well
Close(); //this does not get execute at all

and it doesn’t work but if replaced Close() with anything else it works fine. But the form change its color to Red.

2- Photos or objects that i manipulate do not get refreshed fast enough as they were working with the component. And the inertia is not working too unless i move a touch point around the form. Like this:

1- I grab an object with a touch point.
2- Then i throw it to any direction.
3- The object does not move after i release it to start inertia.
4- But if started to move another touch point some where on the form constantly the inertia start ok but stuttering.

None of these happend to me when i was using the “MultiT” component.

I tried placing a TTimer and refreshing the form itself every ms and still nothing.

Does anyone knows what the heck is going on? Because i am losing my mind here. You can find the app attached with Tuio 1.4

I don’t know if it is something wrong with with firemonkey or tuio it self.

Any help will be appreciated

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