Freelancer (ideally London based) needed to put together software for a new multi-touch device
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I’m the developer of the e-table system used at inamo and a few other restaurants across Europe (quick description: projectors in the ceiling projecting an interactive surface onto white tables that customers use to order food and drinks. There are some good videos of it on youtube)

We’re currently looking for a freelancer who can assemble a vision-based native windows 7 multi-touch solution suitable for being included in a mass-produced product. This might consist entirely of off-the-shelf components, or could include bespoke development.

We are based in London UK, and it would be very useful if you’re based in or near London, but we’ll consider people worldwide.

Since this relates to an product currently in development I can’t post all the details here, but if you’re interested then contact me on and I’ll give you more information.


Bernie :o)

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