Looking for CCV and multitouch table expert to do a design/engineering review in New York City
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We are looking for a CCV and multitouch table expert to do an on-site design and engineering review of a 40” round multitouch table designed and built by MIT Media Lab researcher and a leading architecture firm. We are quite proud of the work—and are looking for fresh eyes to help us make the table even better before we make a second one. We are particularly looking for ways to reduce the latency from finger touch to TUIO output so that the table is as responsive as possible.

The ideal person could not only productively critique our work—but also roll up his or her sleeves with solutions.

The table is in our studio in New York City and the opportunity is immediate, ideally to be completed before the end of the year.

If interested, please email Ien Cheng at .

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If you cannot find someone local, we may be able to help remotely as we offer phone/email/IM consulting opportunities (along with on-site if desired).  We are located in CA for reference.

Our rates for remote support is $100/hr

Please email me at for more info.

As a side note, if you need custom software development our team can also take care of that


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