New Multitouch Games from Machine Code Games! 
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Hi All, My friends over at Machine Code Games have been working hard at making some new multitouch, multi-user games!

The new games are as follows:

The Battle Home: A Pachisi Game - This is very similar to the classic Parcheesi board game of yore.  I’ll admit I’ve lost of a lot of time to testing and retesting this game—not all of that time loss was due to a _need_ to test, if you know what I mean.  The game can be played with up to four players independently or on teams.  The default install includes two game boards, a square one and a “plus” shaped one.  There are lots of play options and game play itself is easy to manage as the game seamlessly guides you through valid moves.  The AI is remorseless. 

Fas’Jack - This one is Blackjack for 1 - 10 players.  The AI is pretty solid and the players play against the house so hiding your cards is not required.  The game plays in 10 rounds with the player with the highest stake winning the set.  Each round, every player is awarded a $5 bump in their stake so no player is every knocked out of the game entirely before the 10th round ends.  Fun for casual as well as serious blackjack fans.

Bloody Hearts - This one is a redux of the classic card game Hearts with a darker twist.  The art and appearance of this one are ominous.  The game can be played with touch only, but exposing and selecting your cards can be tricky in this mode.  Ideally this game is best played with cardboard blinds to obscure your hand from your… opponents.
A solid translation of Hearts, this game can be played by 1 - 4 players singly or on teams.  The AI is quite good at the game.

GotIt - A frenetic shooter game, GotIt is a 1 - 4 player game where you fire beams attempting to destroy an invading infection.  The mechanic is simple.  You’re one of 4 corners of the screen.  Your space can fire several beams at the same time, but every beam costs you battery.  When your battery is depleted you cannot fire.  Your battery recharges.  There are point targets, power ups and power downs.  Fun, quick paced, but definitely a game that is better played with others.

Pair Soup - Matching game for 1 to whatever players.  The only real limitation for players on this game is number of track-able touch points and screen size.  I’ll be honest, I keep trying to not like this game but I just can’t do it.  The concept is simple, a slew of preset silhouettes pop onto the screen and you and your friends attempt to match all the pairs.  When all available pairs are matched more pop onto the screen.  Each “round” more and more objects appear and not all objects that appear will have a match.  Addictive and straight forward.  The game supplies three modes of play currently.  Each mode is based on the shape selection.  The “Basic” mode is colored shapes that are mostly animal, kid friendly shapes.  The “No Color” option are shapes with no color… very tricky.  The “Skulls” mode is a vast selection of skull-like shapes that introduce a collection of not-immediately-recognized objects.

For those of you familiar with Machine Code Games, these new titles are compatible with their free Application Launcher as well as offering the ability to modify the art assets once installed.  For instance you could easily modify Pair Soup to add custom art in place of the skulls or bunnies collections.


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