PyMT Touch input fails after long period
Posted: 11 April 2013 08:26 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I programmed some content with PyMT for some multitouch tables last year. Since then I have had the same problem with the touch input.

Hardware1: touchframe from zaagtech (TUIO) - Lenovo computer - Windows 7 Pro
Hardware2: ELO Touch Monitor dual touch 32” Intellitouch Plus

Software: PyMT development running fullscreen

ISSUE: after some time working (minutes, hours) PyMT stops receiving touches from the frame. It seems like it deactivates the frame.

I have two theories until now:

1. When the users touch near the frame PyMT keeps in fullscreen but is no longer active
2. PyMT stops listening TUIO

Anyone with a similar problem? Anyone running PyMT fullscreen app without these problems?