problem Snowflake - WindowsTouch Pack = TUIO matters ? 
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Hi everybody,

I just build my first FTIR table and makint it run by Snowfake Suite, which i find really amazing !!

I have also install the MultitouchVista Pack to make run Windows 7 as a multitouch.

I have been adding some apps from the Multitouch Pack to the interface of Snowflake, which start good, but once the application start ( ex: Globe), the multitouch doesnt work anymore . . I’ve been trying to start first the MultitouchVista driver, then without and different possiblity but nothing to do to make run both in the same time / or from Snowflake.

If somebody can help me with that, I don’t really know where to go and havebeen reading a lot about but my skills doesn allow me to understand all these TUIO for the moment . .

thanks for your help smile

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I’ve never used Snowflake, but I can explain how TUIO works:
The tracker composes small packages of touch events (on for each new contact, or release) and sends them to a specific IP address, which is usually - (localhost, port 3333). Technically they’re sent via the network but physically they don’t leave your computer.
Receiving network packages requires a ‘socket’ to be open on, but there can only be one socket open at a time, so only one application can receive the TUIO packages.


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