40” Hitachi LCD Teardown for DSI
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Hi, my name is Erik.

I am making my own multi-touch diffused surface illumination table.
For the display, I am going to use a 40” Hitachi LCD.
I will be posting pictures and updates over the next several weeks.

I just took apart the TV today, and I would like to test it and turn it on.
I removed the cord connecting the power board to the circuit board controlling
the backlight (Image below). If I turn on the TV without this connection, will my TV short circuit/fry?

?ACT=28&fid=37&aid=8429_9cOvmZJm8XVfH0ovCj3f width=384px height=288px


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Nice, keep it up. I cannot wait for next posts.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

What is your plan to use for the other parts?

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