Ubi Display’s with Kinect
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Hi, i am new to the forums but i love it!, i recently downloaded the Ubi softwear and everything works besides touch, can someone help me. Or give me the link to a different copy, like the DEV one wear u can use ur desktop with it. Please help!

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@Cellforce, I had a similar issue initially, however John posted in the original thread that the software uses NPSWF32.dll for Flash plugin support. His suggestion was to:

1) Install the latest flash on your Chrome browser.
2) Place NPSWF32.dll in the Ubi Displays executable’s directory. (overwrite the original)

I just did a search on my PC for the NPSWF32.dll which I copied from the Acrobat directory (was the latest version on my PC) and after backing up the original NPSWF32.dll file, simply copied the newer version file to the Ubidisplays working directory.

See if this helps.


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Thanks for the flash tip fairlane smile

There are a couple of reasons touch can be tricky:

(1) You may need the EU touch fix for languages which use a , rather than a . for the decimal point: http://code.google.com/p/ubidisplays/downloads/detail?name=UbiDisplays.exe
(2) Make sure you keep the Kinect less than 1.2m from the interaction surface.  See this graph for a profile of sensor accuracy: tGbWhOk.png



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