First World´s & Unique Finger Multi Touch Portable Module 40” - 85”.- Award from the 7th International Exhibition of Innovations.-
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First World´s & Unique Finger Multi Touch Portable Module

Award from the 7th International Exhibition of Innovations

40” - 85”.-

Finger Touch Portable Board 2

Gloview Interactive Whiteboard FP2 Board is also a portable Interactive Whiteboard that supports finger touch. It is a new version of FP Board. Compared to FP Board, its sensor and laser emitter are separate. The laser emitter comes with magnet and can be easily mounted on the board.

It still keeps the features of FP Board. It can also work with any projector or LCD screen. Key features: portable and finger touch; can detect any non- transparent object; Works on any surface, no limit on the material; No limit on active size, range from 40-85’’ size; can work with common board and save the record of finger writing.¹«Ë¾ÐÂÎÅ


1, it works better when working with short/ultra short throw projector;
2, Easily installation
3, Multi Touch;
4, Production process is simpler and short;
5, Remote Control: any solid Interactive Whiteboard cannot support.
6, Automatic Calibration: any solid Interactive Whiteboard cannot support.
7, Patent Calibration Technology: Patent Number: 201120421460.3; 201120203588.2; 201110336523.X


Laser emitter can be attached on any flat surface like wall, Board, TV LCD, etc. It emits one virtual surface which is about 1mm thick and cannot see by the naked eyes. This surface is parallel with the projection screen from 1-2mm. when the fingers or any non-transparent objects touch this virtual surface, the light will be reflected and detected by the sensor. Computer will figure out the position of the mouse by high accurate calculation of light position.


1.Support finger touch: Use the finger instead of pen to write on whiteboard/wall/LCD Panel or operate computer.
It can also work with any non-transparent object.

2, Support multi touch: two or more people write simultaneously, They can write at the same time without interference.

3, Support Automatic Calibration: Automatic calibrations within 5 seconds, easy to operate, achieve high accuracy calibration.

4, Support Remote Control (Option): use the wireless laser pen instead of mouse to achieve remote control from away,
the pen can achieve the function of left or right click, just like a air wireless mouse.

5, Support the ordinary eraser to operate: use the eraser or the hand to erase the words in the application software window,
no need click the button in the software.

6, Easy Installation and Maintenance. The weight of device is less than 1 kgs. It can be easily sent back for maintenance.

Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard FP Board-2

Object detection:

Finger, stylus or eraser


< 80 ms

Minimum active work area:


Maximum active work area:


Tracking technology:

Laser Image Calibration Technology(LICT)

Positional accuracy:

± 1 Pixel (Resolution: 1024 x 768)


150mw x2

Power Requirement:


System requirement:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7


Calibration Software and Application Software




2 years


1, FP2 BOARD; 2, USB Cable(1 x 7m,1 x 4m); 3,Stylus; 4, Power Adaptor; 5,CDs

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