Stick-on installations
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Hi folks,

I am constructing various FTIR surfaces for a class ( and the idea of adding LEDs to existing window panes came up (as many of our computing labs have walls separating them from the hallways constructed entirely from 4x8 glass sheets.) Does anyone know if it should be possible to introduce beams into a TIR environment from the outside of the reflection surface by initially coupling through a third material?  See an illustration at .  Thanks!


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glass doesnt make for a very good FTIR material apparently (has anyone actually tried?).

Thats an interesting idea, no idea if it would work though.

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Also keep in mind that FTIR screens must be sealed off quite a lot from external IR light in general. Some people from my class made one and just a normal window 8m away on a cloudy day was enough to make it go nuts. I don’t know how well they filtered and all but I can imagine that they are in general quite sensitive. I don’t know how you hallways are like though. smile