A very beginner question: Testing touchlib
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I’m sorry for asking this question. But, I’m really lost in space now.
I just want to test the compiled binary of TouchLib.
I putted the “2point_avi.xml” from config_backup into “touchlib\config.xml”
Then I try to run “demo_smoke.exe”; but it did not give me any “response"…
Anybody can help me to write “step-by-step” recipes for testing TouchLib using video files?

Thank you.

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I have the same question,hope somebody can help us.

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u need to use the configuration program..
if you’re using the box thinghy, with non ir camera, do like below..
1.open up the config batch file
choose the highest res and frame rate, then click ok

2.adjust the brightness and contrast if needed, then adjust the rectification level so that the camera will only see what it needs to see, like your fingers and press enter.

3.again if u don’t have full hardware assembly(projector, ir leds etc) u need to get the source image all over the screen like

4. press c, then touch every cross(press r to go to the one before).

5. after all the crosses have been calibrated, the config file should be saved(check the command prompt console)

hope it helped

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