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What is Arduino? 
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I’ve been looking into tens machines as a possible proof of concept method. A Tens machine basically applies a small electrical pulse via an electrode pad attached to your skin, giving you anything from a mild sensation of touch to a full involuntary muscle contraction - which also happens to make them a potential candidate for use as a feedback device. You can also buy packs of stick on electrodes from ebay for just a couple of dollars. So I plan to buy a few electrodes, cut them down to size and plug them into arduino with some carefully design circuitry and software to see if I can tell when each individual electrode is activated. If I can successfully complete that experiment then I should - in theory - be able to learn the alphabet again and be able to recognise which letter pattern is currently being sensed on my arm. From there I should be able to move to short simple words and eventually, english smile

Although i’ll have to be really really careful about what current and voltage i’m outputting so that I don’t give myself parkinsons or something… But there are plenty of commercial tens machines on the market, and as far as I’m aware they’re relatively safe if used correctly and operated at very low voltages/current.  Failing that, i’ll try and find some small components that’ll give me small mechanical prods or something…

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I went down the PIC route rather than Arduino, as I wanted to teach myself assembly and C programming languages. I’m sure Arduino is perfectly good solution, just giving a different side of the coin. PIC has all free development environment too with MPLABX and XC8 compiler.

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