touchlib $(VIDOWRAPPER_HOME) environment variable
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Just a note that I modified both the debug and release configs of the
touchlib vcproj.  They now assume that the above-mentioned envvar is
defined for $(VIDEOWRAPPER_HOME)/include and lib.



I hate to add another dependency, but I added a touchlib filter for
DSVideoLibrary ( Performance
seems to be a lot better for me (40% cpu usage vs 90%) but still leaves
something to be desired. It’s still spending a lot of time waiting for
mutexes so I hope performance can still be improved. I also added a new
environment variable you’ll need to set to compile it (DSVL_HOME).



Ya, their library is pretty good, but we couldn’t use it; if you try
to close and open the connection, it causes SERIOUS problems (too
bizarre to describe).  But, if your program just runs/opens/gets-
video/closes/exits, it seems to work ok. We need (within our Director
Xtra) to open and close the video a LOT.

We actually have, somewhere, an old VideoWrapper stub for the
DSVideoLibrary, but it would be just as easy to write a new one as to
reuse our old one.  Not that this is one of the reasons we built the
video library the way we did; you can wrap up any video lib you
want, and use it, without having to recompile your program!  If you
look at our interface, and that of DSVideoLibrary, you will see that
they are very very similar, you could probably write a DLL wrapper in
about 30 minutes. smile

Blair MacIntyre