6 - 9th June : Multi-Touch Screen on show at Truman Brewery, London
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Hello all.

My Multi-Touch interface is on show at the Truman Brewery this weekend, as part of my end of degree exhibition.

The piece is a Cellular Automata that produces sound, and is activated by touch. You can play it like a musical instrument, or just set it in motion and observe. (photos to be added).

The show is from 6th to 9th June (2008), and is open from around 10am to 6pm every day except the 6th, when it is only open till around 4pm. Entry is free.

Here is the address

Old Truman Brewery,
91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL


My exhibit is on the 1st floor, in the ‘Sonic Arts’ section. I will be there for the whole weekend, so it would be great if anyone can make it, and we can chat about Multi-touch etc. Feel free to PM me if you want to arrange a time to meet.

Kind regards,

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That’s excellent! I’ll look for pics or videos


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Hi Robin,

This is great news. I know the place well smile

I’ll defo try my best to pop by and take a look, I live in south London so not far from me at all.

Not sure when, as tonight I will be rocking out at Wembley with the Foo Fighters :D

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There was a private view this evening, and the Multi-Touch interface was very popular indeed; I had queues of people wanting to have a go!

I will be there from approximately 10 am Sat., Sun. and Mon., so if anyone can make it, that would be fantastic!

I suggest that anyone planning to come along gets there after mid day, as other Sonic Art student’s work will be online and you can check that out as well. There are some great pieces on show.