Multitouch-Coffeetable with RDI process and Ambilight frame
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Hello community of NUI Group

I am new to this forum and this is my first post.
Emergence is a multi-touch coffee table works with the RDI process consisting of:
• Computers : i7 with 8GB RAM & Blu - ray drive
• Frame made of wood : the length of a space inside : 82cm Width: 46cm and a maximum height of 55cm
• Camera: 2x PS3 Camera , needed since the height of table only ever half of the multi-touch surface can be covered .
• IR filter : at the moment from a floppy disk (to be replaced by another filter from the camera store )
• Surface : consists of a continuous glass plate from a Phillips TV (see photo) 37 inch screen . In the surface of an Ambilight is integrated , that is to be controlled signal of the projector via the S-Video and later the lighted frame .
• diffuser / projection foil : for the proof of concept paper should be replaced.
• Beamer : We have had the opportunity to try a short throw projector
but the absolutely could not produce the desired screen size , projector in the second test was a data projector with a ratio of 2.2:1 , so he has a lot to large distance required.
• Mirror : To first tests bathroom mirror is to be replaced
• IR LEDs : IR illuminators for CCTV cameras

After the first test, a few questions have arisen :
1. Which diffuser is at is best suited for the RDI mode?
Unfortunately, there have been no link found a suitable film .
2. When searching the internet we have encountered again and again to the problem of projector distance from the projector selection.
So usually a small image would be generated.
Since we have little experience with projectors so far , the question is it even possible to create a small distance in the 37 -inch screen ?
The projector should be in a price range up to 450 €

Ever thank you in advance and if I missed a link or reference in the forum I ask your indulgence .

Cheers, Dinkel5110

PS if the post is in the wrong location please I move it.

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Sounds like you need a short throw projector. Get a projector that can throw the largest image and then measure it to figure out how to build your enclosure. You will likely need to mount the projector using a mirror if you want a very shallow depth to the enclosure.

Why not use the LCD matrix from the TV and use a different method than RDI (which doesn’t work with LCD screens)? We prefer DSI but LED-LP or LLP also work great. Then you wouldn’t need to buy a projector.


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