Using MT4j on Windows 8 64 bits
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Hi !
I have an asus transformer book tx300ca on Windows 8 64 bits. I try to run for several days MT4j…
Are Windows 8 Touch event the same as Windows 8 Touch event ? Is it possible to use MT4j on Windows 8 64 bits ?
If the answer is yes : how?

Thank’s !

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Poking around for “Windows 8 Touch to TUIO” as a google search, this came up:

hopefully it helps.  The idea would be to convert your windows 8 native touch events which are being reported by the digitizers drivers into TUIO which MT4j can understand.  This isn’t the only way to manage this, but it might get you up and running faster.

Ideally you should take a look at the MS TouchInjector ( stuff.  Using this library you should be able to take events native to Win8 and push them wherever you’d like.

Take a look at some of the TUIO servers out there as well.  Learning OSC will help greatly in making custom software which “just works” for all touch types.


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Thank you for the answer. I saw touch2tuio but I didn’t want to use a other software to run my application.
I also tried to retrieve native events windows 8 and don’t use MT4j.

But I found the solution to run mt4j on Windows 8.
I had to change two lines :
In class DesktopInputManager

if (System.getProperty("").toLowerCase().contains("windows 7"))


if (System.getProperty("").toLowerCase().contains("windows"))

In class Win7NativeTouchSource

if (!platform.contains("windows 7"))


if (!platform.contains("windows"))

This is really stupid but can not find a solution on the internet xD

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I was facing same problem on windows 8. By using workaround suggested by PIITAYA, I was able to run multi-touch on Windows 8. But very often application crashes when we touch the surface. Also touch-to-TUIO don’t support more than one touch, and I want to run multi-touch. Is there any solution available.

Thanks in Advance

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Hey there,

I am facing a similar problem when trying to run a mt4j application using Windows 8 on a tablet.
Every singletouch gesture is working, but trying to use multitouch gestures has no effect.

Is there any other possible workaround than installing additional software?
I would really like to hear about a solution and am looking forward for help!

Best regards