no Win7Touch64 in java.libary.path
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finally i end my program and now i want to make it standalone.
I export my project by fatJar and then put all .dll’s to folder where i export my jar…
And now it’s wird situation. When I run by program with 64 bit dll’s (I use win7 64 bit) program crashes at start.
When i put 32 bit dll’s it starts but program dont work like it should… so I open cmd… and put “java -jar PROGRAM PATH” and i saw error “no Win7Touch64 in java.libary.path...."…
I have this library over there. It’s wird to because program don’t start with cmd.... but by doubleClick yes !.. please help…

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Some crucial step to set your path java.library.path in Win 7 Touch 64
One example you can set path : java -Djava.library.path= <main_class>


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