OSX 10.9.x, OSX 10.10,x + CCV + what kind of touch injector ???? 
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I recently finnished my first DSI table which now works great in Windows 8.1

After a bit of a hassle CCV is finaly up and calibrated running on bouth OSX 10.9.3 and 10.10 DP. However I am currently looking for a touch injector for osx 10.9/10.10.
I have been looking at UPDD by touch base and I wondered if there were any way to configure or mod the UPDD software to work with CCV.
If not, what can i use in OSX to send the multitouch inputs from CCV to OSX 10.9/10.10 ?



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I know this is slightly old, and you may not even see this, but as it’s not been even replied to I might as well.
You’ll probably need to look down the lines of touchpad emulation, as I don’t think OS X contains any sort of touchscreen components to deliver information to, unlike Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu. I’ve read that, like Windows touch, Apple’s multitouch trackpad system is included on every machine, just switched off until it is required: if you can find some way of activating this and communicating with it through CCV, you’ll be onto a winner! (I hope)