Help Needed with LLP Table
Posted: 15 August 2014 12:42 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello NUI Group,

My name is Tyler and I am building a LLP MT table for my room. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a problem with my lasers. I have four Aixiz 780 nm 25 mw IR lasers with 120 degree lenses (connected in parallel) at each corner of a 25” x 45” x 1/8” acrylic sheet. Underneath this sheet is another piece of acrylic with equal dimensions but with twice the thickness (1/4"). Between these two pieces of acrylic is a sheet of plain vellum that I plan to use as a projection screen (I also have Rosco Grey but I replaced it to see if the Vellum would allow more IR light to pass through it). I am running a PS Eye with a 780 nm filter from PeauProductions. The camera seems to be working fine but I just cannot seem to get a decent effect from the lasers (very weak blobs). I’ve tried a few different power supplies ranging from 3.2 volts to 5.25 volts but nothing has improved the lasers’ performance. I’ve also tried replacing the lasers but even the new ones encounter the same issue. From past experience I’ve seen these lasers produce a workable amount of light but only during the first time I plugged them in. Every time after that has yielded these weak blobs. I would initially suspect that I burnt out the lasers but they are designed to handle those kind of voltages. Any suggestions?

Thank you,