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Sticking with a theme… My colleagues and I have just soft launched a touch table project/product.

I’ve been working to refine the collapsible tables I posted about here.

The new design is sleeker and sports an AV plate which can be configured with up to 6 inputs and outputs ranging from Display Port to USB.  The Mesa can be fabricated out of virtually any material as the design is CNC’d.  Currently we’ve built out of White Birch ply and Bamboo ply.  We’ve sized the systems from 32 inches up to 75 inches!

I created a quick short series showing the assembly and shipping systems we devised for these tables. 

Attached are some photos from our recent shows.

Finally, for anyone interested, we created a questionnaire on google drive as a means to help configure/quote systems like this!

Mesa Questionnaire

Let me know your thoughts.  How would you like to see this improved?  Do you like the easy tear down ability of the table?  This is a living project, so I’m always looking for feedback and thoughts!

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