Point Grey Firefly MV with FlyCapture v2 and windows 8.1 and touchlib
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I have a point grey firefly mv usb2 camera running on windows 8.1 using the new FlyCapture v2 drivers from point grey.
I am able to see the camera feed if I run FlyCap2 application.

The Touchlib_beta_v2.0 is installed.
I copied the dll files from - C:\Program Files\Point Grey Research\FlyCapture2\bin64\FC1 into the touchlib folder
I added these lines to the config.xml file
<vwcapture label ="capture1">
<videostring value="pgr: 0 640 60 grey8 1 rgb” >

I am getting the following errors when I run config.bat:

Error initializing VidCapture video capture object.
VIDEO_openVideo failed.
Unspecified error.VWTest: ‘pgr’ library failed to load
VWTest: ‘pgr’ library isn’t loaded.
VIDEO_openVideo failed.
The requested library is not loaded.

Any ideas to assist?

I am also busy with tests on windows 7 and windows xp