Extracting Processed Black&White Image from CCV 1.5
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I have constructed a Rear DI table with 4 cameras. Everything works fine with CCV. My goal is to extract the black and white image from CCV 1.5 and use it as an input to a gesture recognition library. However, I am not able to understand what I need to do next. Should I change CCV, or is there a way that I can get the image? I believe TUIO does not send the shape information, but the width/height/angle information.

I am lost, so I really appreciate the replies beforehand.


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I believe you need the contour information , am i right?

So you will have to tweak the TUIO protocol / use your own encoding and parsing method for the contour points. I believe sending images to any program @ 60 fps and let it reprocess the frames will become little expensive.



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