I’m a Masters student evaluating technologies to innovate the Facility Management industry. 
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Your response will be invaluable. We are seeking best practices to create a smart workplace - employee productivity and happiness is the purpose. 
How do you think the following ideas could improve Employee Dining or Meeting Room Management areas? Resource and time management are key. 

You could comment on any one of the ideas:

Augmented Reality
a. Hybrid Reality
b. Computer Mediated Reality
c. Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
d. Advanced Materials

Mood/Sensory Enhancements
e. Dynamic Glass (View)
f. W/Me Wristband (Phyode)
g. Affedx (Affectiva)
h. AutoEmotive (MIT Media Lab)
i. Mood Sensor (Apple)
j. The Hug Shirt (Cute Circuit)