multitouch driver alternatives and comments
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i created a system wich uses depth camera to detect blobs in c# now i want to send the wm_touch
message and i know there are some options like multitouchvista, sgdriver and bsqsimulator.

i want to be able to sell my software commercially and my target OS is win7 (if posible both win7 and win8)
for win8 i know there is an injection api wich in teory is easy to implement so i dont worry about it by now i just focus on win7

i checked the bsqsimulator code and its a compiled dll wich does the magic , but could not find the code the source for that dl,
i guess i could use it on my project but not having access to the code it feels wrong what if there is a bug and i cant fix it :S

sgdriver links are death and the page
i cant understand if there is info or not about the driver using google translate.

i use to work with multitouchvista binaries to test multitouch apps and sometimes i got errors after running the services like
touches not being sent, also i have a basic programming knowledge on c# so i dont know how to implement the code of multitouchvista
on my own project and make it run automatically when my app starts

my blobs are raw data now(with their states created, modified and removed) but i could convert it to tuio, also i want
to be able to send touch events to multiple monitors

could you give your opinions on each one and tell what will be the best way to go ?  am i missing any project, lib ?

i wouldnt mind buying a commercial lib or solution if i could use it on my own project.

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As far as I am aware you cannot inject WM_TOUCH multi-touch events onto multiple monitors with the current available drivers in Win 7.  Not sure about Win 8 or higher.

We have a little open source project that might be helpful in getting you started:

If you have your own apps, I would suggest using TUIO and handling the events yourself rather than relying on the OS.


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hi John

its been a while since i posted this question and will check your link ,
let me update on what i got.

I used vmulti
works fine and it has source code,
i started learning c# and could deliver a working app ,
letting the OS’s handle the events allow me to use any software on my win7 machine so here is a video of the first version :

for win 8 i used TCD.System.TouchInjection as a reference for my own code it also works goood smile

for multi-touch over multiples monitors i ran some tests in win7 and from what i recall i couldnt make it work properly so im using one monitor solution only.

Some notes from my experience :
-touch functionality is designed for very stable touches that means kinect has to deliver a quite stable detection using filtering and correct blob identification (to have persistent touch events)
-win8 has a good touch api but trying to put a cursor over win8 menu and metro apps its quite difficult still looking for a stable method
-on win7 putting a custom cursor over some fullscreen apps wont work like games

i’ve been renting my software and its pretty solid, now im searching for a way to sell it smile